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      Sameer was at the end of his rope. He couldn’t pay rent, he had lost his job during the pandemic, lost a few of his loved ones to the virus, and was about to get married in a few months without a penny to his name. One day he saw an ad for an online poker platform; he created an account and got Rs. 100 as a bonus for updating his profile. He used the bonus to enter into a poker tournament and finished the tournament netting Rs. 2,000. He then put serious time into further polishing his game by reading the articles on the blog and using this knowledge at the free practice tables available on the platform. Now he was ready for the real game.x p W Z a P

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       How to get the best out of online media sharing Best for getting your footage out there – YouTube Best for professionals – Vimeo Best for smart tech extras – Brightcove Best for short, original clips – Metacafe Best for social media integration – Facebook Ad Breaks Best for passionate gamers – Envul Best for funny money-makers – Break.com Best for bloggers and website owners – Daily Motion list addallI kN Y t p

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