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  One of the most significant differences between many other forms of coaching and counseling and one based in positive psychology is the focus on strengths instead of weaknesses. Positive psychology is based on the idea that building on our strengths is often a more effective path to success than trying to force excellence in areas we are simply not suited for. In practice, this technique involves identifying one’s strengths and working to provide yourself with more opportunities to use them.p KY w p k

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  For an overview of some of the most salient theories and concepts in positive psychology, the website offers a great “mind map” of the field here. We’ll also cover a couple of the biggest topics later in this piece.b qa

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  w fD Trailblazer Connect helps people find opportunities through events, mentorship, and career resources. Pathfinder empowers the next generation of Trailblazers to build their careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. Along with our employer partners, we’re on a shared mission to skill up new and diverse pipelines of talent to create a more equitable workforce.Salesforce Military Alliance offers online training classes and certification exams at no cost to active-duty military, veterans, and military spouses. Salesforce Talent Alliance connects partners to Salesforce-certified candidates and brings new, diverse talent into the ecosystem. s d W

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