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       "Byron Tatum" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> made an utterance to the drakelist gang ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Garey- Thank you for the comments and help. I start nights at work and will have several to complete, then I will get back into the TR-4. I will measure voltage as you suggest, looking for a slight voltage drop. Then I will check out relay itself. I am beginning to think that it is the magnetizing of pole piece and relay wear that is the problem. If it was a leakage to ground on the 6EV7 pin #1 lead you might think the set would go into TX on its own (relay energize) every now and then, of which I have never saw it do. One other thing- I bought a nice TR-4 from a fellow, based on several pictures, but the photo angles, due to glare, covered up (of all things) a ham's DL # engraved on the front panel in tiny lettering , immediately to the right of "TR-4" on front panel. Do you know of a touch up paint that matches the darker grey of that front panel area? I got the set for a decent price, it was nice and had the built in NB, but had a problem (as advertised). I found T-9 to be burned out in center area of coil form. I had a spare T-9 from a parts unit TR-3. Thank goodness I opened up the TR-3 T-9 transformer before I installed it -- it had a 56 pF cap in it that was not in the TR-4 T-9. Otherwise the coils looked the same. Anyway, I clipped out the capacitor and all went OK after the repair. That is not a fun repair for sure!! CQ va R

    A lot of the components are common between the TR-3 and TR-4, but every once in a while they threw in a curve like that cap to keep us off balance! :-) free admissionT szVr R

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      图2,全连接层结构H Q U Prices can greatly fluctuate depending on the performance of teams, promotions, opponent, etc, and if you were a sports nut you had a huge advantage in predicting the market over the non sports enthusiast. Playoffs. The real money is made in the playoffs when a ticket that cost $50 can sell for $500, literally. Flexibility – You do not have to be at the computer at a certain time to buy the tickets Availability – Nearly every sports ticket I buy any other person could have bought nearly identical tickets at one time or another, so I never felt like I was “stealing” tickets away from fans. I was just taking on risk, and if you know the market that risk is minimal. Df w

      输入映射空间(input maps volume)特征映射空间(feature maps volume)池化映射空间(pooled maps volume)J D j

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       I don't know of any good way to touch up the panels. The original "paint" is so thin, (I actually think it is more a dye (anodize?) than paint, but don't know for sure,) and as a result any sort of paint ends up looking worse than the mark! For a small mark or two, it might be possible to just "fill" the mark to the level of the panel, but a string of numbers would be a real challenge. Never could understand people that do that sort of thing, especially on the front panel!! H a wM Ct

    A N M4. Landmark Search: Explore properties near landmarks like bus stops, schools, malls, restaurantsW Ad

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       Hello- I have an unusual problem perhaps someone could shed some light on: I have a TR-4 in 29K serial range that functions normally except it will not go back into receive, until after approx 30 second delay, after the mic button is released or the function switch turned back to "SSB". This condition worsens (longer delay) the more you frequently you transmit. The sidetone disappears but T-R relay will not release. I have tried different known-good 6EV7 tubes, have replaced a lot of the coupling / bypass caps in T-R circuits, did resistance / voltage checks, adjusted the VOX / VOX delay controls, tried other tubes in T-R circuit, etc. to no avail. What is real curious about this is that while waiting for it to go back into receive and T-R relay is engaged, IF YOU PULL THE 6EV7 FROM ITS SOCKET THE T-R RELAY STILL DOES NOT RELEASE. I suspect the issue is with the lead that goes from T-R relay coil to pin #1 on 6EV7 (somehow allowing enough leakage to ground?) or could it be the T-R relay coil itself I made sure socket / pins and all are clean on 6EV7. r wH

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       使用搜索引擎(谷歌/百度)、Kylin 的邮件列表的存档, Kylin 的 JIRA 列表 来寻求解决办法。 浏览 Kylin 官方网页,尤其是文档 和 常见问题 页面。 向社区求助,用户可以在订阅 Apache Kylin 的邮件列表之后,用个人邮箱向 Apache Kylin 邮件列表发送邮件,所有订阅了邮件列表的用户都会看到此邮件,并回复邮件以发表自己的见解。dx J l I K

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       I just saw your order. There are scans of both the 34-NB and the 34-PNB manuals, with quite a bit of information, plus I have added a photograph of the board itself with active components and alignment info annotated. There is also a Voltage table for the NB, which has not been previously published. It's really a straightforward design, and most units in the field benefit from an alignment. q Vu

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      联合维度(Joint Dimensions):是将多个维度视作一个维度,在进行组合计算的时候,它们要么一起出现,要么均不出现,通常适用于以下几种情形:free google ads accountA n Uzy B

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       Anthony RobbinsMONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial FreedomHardcover688 pagesJanuary 1st 2014November 18th 2014Englisheconomics, finance, business, non fiction, self help, currency, money, finance, personal finance, self help, personal developmentePUB(Android), audible mp3, audiobook and kindle. V NN

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