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    #34. Dental hygiene

    - Early career pay: $66,200
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    #52. Automated manufacturing technology (tie)

    - Early career pay: $47,000
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      Making money entails hard work and dedication, there are no easy ways. All you need is to put your mind to the task at hand and achieve the intended objectives. You can make lots of money using one or a combination of the ways provided.W d u

       He w Unlike many other jobs like web designing or other forms of freelancing, getting a transcription job is relatively straightforward. You just need to pass the test, and that’s it. There are no specific skills or experiences required for this type of job. Pg b

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      gt OShoptracker is a free mobile app that pays you to track your Amazon purchases. Once you complete a short survey about your Amazon purchase history, download the app to your phone.xX T

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      Just like Google, Microsoft is also a big name. It also offers its own online learning platform. Microsoft courses mostly focus on Microsoft software, systems and products.PE cmsbsd+school+calendarSimply Voting is another free online voting website, which lets you conduct online voting among a maximum of 10 people. You can add electors (people for voting or survey) directly by browsing the CSV file from your PC. You can also add electors manually. For each new elector, you have to create a unique voting ID. Moreover, you can also create a unique password for each elector. You can also download all the added electors in CSV file format.Z kr


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      A variety of question types are available on this free online voting website. Some of these are Short Text Entry, Long Text Entry, Drop Down, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Number, Image, Star Rating, etc.y haJ x c

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       Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and certifications based on industry or specializationAverage annual salary: $79,000Top annual earners: $98,000The downside: While you might be helping people and families through stressful times, which can be very rewarding, the job itself carries a lot of stress sI Y

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    Passive income includes regular earnings from a source other than an employer or contractor. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says passive income can come from two sources: rental property or a business in which one does not actively participate, such as being paid book royalties or stock dividends.r g oA computer system manager or IT manager will oversee all computer related systems and processes in a company or organization. This can include things like planning out hardware purchases, installing computing software, managing a network, and performing troubleshooting. IT managers need quite a bit of education, including ongoing education, to stay up to date on new techniques and tech products.Eb k

       T xoIf you want to make money writing online for real estate companies, cold pitching is a great strategy to try.b i z

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      doterra oils for anxietyU UpCurrently, Fiverr is the fastest growing marketplace where thousands of people offer their small services at a minimum price of 5$. The more services you add in your “gig” list the more money you can earn. Let’s say you can do writing or logo design or just creating posts for social media. Any of your skills will find their paid customers at Fiverr.R L l

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    #39. Civil engineering

    - Early career pay: $38,600
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